BBQ + Buddies + Beers

Hey Folks,

Just updating you guys. I’m currently in my Etobicoke backyard having a great old fashioned BBQ on my end. I went to Brunos Fine Foods on Dundas West and Royal York Road to pick up a bunch of steaks for me and the guys. My wife is on vacation currently so its just me at my house right now.

One of my favorite things to do is down as many cans of Old Milwaukee as possible and have a nice juicy thick steak. Above all else, this gives me the most pleasure I have ever experienced.

What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday right after work?

Your Pal,




  1. “Above all else, this gives me the most pleasure I have ever experienced.”

    Your wife may extend that vacation….

    Good stuff, welcome to the blogosphere.

    More real people need to run for office.


      1. What are you threatening me? How you going to get rid of YOUR WIFE? HUH BIIIIIIGGGGGGGG guy?

  2. ROB, I told you, I will not be at your side for ANY events, ever, even when U R Mayor!

    I can’t take your abuse! All these beatings, all the time and then on top of that, I have to clean ur ass, because you can’t reach!!!

    F U – I’m off on Vacation! FU

    U’ll prolly be 400LBS when I get back – That’s my master plan because then, we’ll need a lift truck to move you and I can cleverly run away!

    1. personal attacks are not something i pay attention to. please discuss my public policy / eating habits (in a positive way) if you can

          1. How the fuck do you propose

            I do that? I already take up the double garage! Whatcha gonna do, build an underground park-ade for me to fit into?

            What’s next?

            Just imagine me getting me rolls and flabs, all around u like a vibrator *shaking and dripping off*

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