I reserve the right to choose what I’m having for lunch

Hey Toronto,

What a wonderful Mid July Monday today is turning out to be. My assistant (Lafayette) just told me of a great idea / plan for when I am elected mayor of our great city. She suggested that I fire 22 city councilors and replace them with 100 police officers on the streets of Toronto.

I almost fell out of my chair when she said that! What a fantastic idea!

As you all know, I am about trimming the bureaucratic fat and excess that is municipal politics in the city of Toronto. This just seems like such a crystal clear idea — not only will it save money for our city, it will also make my job as mayor much easier in this city. Think of how much quicker it would be to get things done and make an actual difference in this city with 22 less whiny, immature and downright greedy city councilors?

As soon as I’m done eating this roast beef sandwich I’m going to draft a plan.

How was your weekend? Mine was fairly uneventful. I had a great BBQ on Friday and ended up staying up extremely late with my friends playing poker and drinking beers.

The rest of the weekend I mostly spent sleeping and enjoying my time off.

Take care,




    1. No shame on YOU for not defending your rights and electing a union-friendly NDP bike lane, bongo drumming mayor!

  1. you tell’em robbie! you go get em! the left needs to refudiate there bike lanes and start thinkin about everyone’s rights and freedoms especially us drivers. trust me all we want to do is get back to our families

  2. I agree with @Taxplayer – Lets get raging mad and tell em all off!

    Nothing better than a City Council that hates itself and works to it’s own self destruction!

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