Going for wings + beer tonight

Hey guys,

I’m in the mood for wings and beer tonight. The wife hasn’t come back from her cottage trip (even though she was supposed to be back 2 days ago), and it gets quite lonely in my Etobicoke house so I’ve decided to go out for wings and beer!

The place I plan on visiting is called Wingporium. Its on 1000 Islington Avenue, in Etobicoke. You can find it here.

Come and visit me there! I plan on getting at least 3-5 pounds of wings to start. They have a wide assortment of wings. I like this place because they usually give me Tums or Pepto Bismol upon request so I can continue eating non-stop.

See you there!




  1. Dear Mr.Ford! My name is Evelina, I am publisher of Toronto Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. I would like to tell you that it’s very important for many torontians to know, that such a famoust polititian as you openly support traditional marriges. It’s brave in this strange, crazy time… It’s show that u are really man, really father, and not just for your own kids, but you care about future of our kids too. I am always impressed by articles about you. I am complitely agree that Pride Parade shoud not be sponsored by government. (Why government not pay for advertising of sexual life heterosexual couples, why they shoud advertise (parade – is advertising for gay style of life) for gays and lesbians? If we are the same, nobody of us shoud take taxpayers money exclusively. Sorry for my English, Mr.Ford. I just want u know that mant people in ethnic communities, people, who loves Canada and care about future of this country, with u.

    1. Thanks for your support; I am finding more and more during my experiences as a politician that festering hatred and malaise towards said groups of people produce the best results in the political arenas.

      Keep it up!



      1. Haha. Amazing. I love you “Rob Ford”. I love that you get semis from thinking about food. I love that you get intestinal blockages for the good of the Canadian people. Keep pushing on, man. Keep pushing and you will take your rightful stool, ahem, seat at the head of this gloriously demented city council.

  2. “I have decided to take the rest of the week off since my stay at Etobicoke General Hospital as a result of my intestinal blockage.”

    “I plan on getting at least 3-5 pounds of wings to start.”

    Proud moments.

    1. I have no interest in what you have to say. Please keep your nonconstructive liberal comments to yourself

  3. I seriously can’t believe you were even allowed to run for Mayor of Toronto.
    The words that come out of your mouth are deplorable – we will never be a progressive, world class city if you are in power.

    1. Maybe it is cynical left wing bleeding heart activists like you that is bringing our fine city down?

      You should think twice before you so quickly lay the blame on easy targets and perhaps look in a mirror before pointing the finger at others.

  4. Teresa obviously you are not a real taxpaying canadian with that attitude any real canadian who demands drastic budget cuts knows that Rob Ford is da man to clean up city hall

    us ford supports his vision of a day when us real canadians can finally feel free from the burden of feeling guilty for driving our hummers through the streets without all of those bikers taking up our space free from the burden of feeling guilty for expressing our hatred towards homosexuals like really teresa rob for represents a time when us hard workin family first taxpayers can finally stop feeling guilty for being the suburban parasites that we are. FINALLY toronto can become the utopia that etobicoke is.

    1. Thank you for the kind comments!

      One only has to look at the Etobicoke municipality for actual guidance. We refuse to cave into feeble things such as garbage strikes — do you know what we did when our collectors tried to strike? We fired them and contracted the entire process out.

      That, my friends, is progress.

  5. You are a disgusting hideous horrible failure of a human being. You should do well in office.
    Good Luck with your run.

  6. Wizard Sleeve and Ben Harris don’t need to be told this. The rest of you might want to look at your lives and spending habits as Mr Ford here has been a shining example of cutting waste and bureaucratic fat…..

    1. That is what I’m about — I am trying to lead by example here people. I’ve been in municipal politics for so long — people have gotten lazy. I’m here to clean up the city; homeless, liberals and all.

  7. Hi Rob,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    The city has suffered these past few years with all the homeless people all over the place. They smell, and sometimes they block traffic! I understand that they are all from Quebec. I have heard that all these school French immersion programmes are a coy scheme to turn our children into hobos. Rob, when you become mayor, will you stop funding this French homeless stuff in our schools?

    Good luck to you, your campaign, and your colon. We’re all behind you, Rob!

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