You haven’t seen the last of me!

Listen folks.

I have built a great and wonderful thing here. I have overcome liberal patchouli smothered fat-cats at city hall. I was elected, democratically, to run this city and clean it up.

Boy let me tell you, it was a dirty job. I repealed the vehicle registration tax and agreed to only incrementally increase the property taxes in our great city.

From the beginning from my landslide victory until this point in time has been a great journey for me. I have traveled throughout our great city meeting all the great folks that make up Etobicoke and the surrounding strip malls throughout.

I have walked on foot and driven in my minivan to coffee times, coffee spots, country sites, tim hortons and industrial warehouses on Evans avenue to meet the voters that helped put me in office.

This “removal” from office will NOT bring me down. I will be re-elected as mayor of this great city. If I have to walk the following bus routes on FOOT to re-gain voter confidence, then so be it :

– Evans 15
– 191 Hwy 27
– Royal York 73 & 73A
– 111 East Mall
– 112 West Mall

The first thing I am going to do is walk the Evan’s 15 bus route and talk to any ordinary folks I can find and let me tell you, the folks on the ground have been and will continue to support me and my cause.

I just have a few administrative duties to complete today as a result of this removal from office and I think I should be able to get home and start my bus route walk at around 7:30pm or 8:00pm this evening. I hope to have a quick lunch and will hit the ground running. Walking and talking to people along this bus route is KEY to my re-election, folks.

As I write this I am sitting for one of the final times in my mayoral office. I decided to ask all my aides and office staff to leave me alone so I could write this post and inform the public DIRECTLY what my intentions are. The door is currently locked in my office and my belt is undone and shoes are off. I’ve been rubbing my inner thigh as it is sore from the CFL festivities last night.

Every time the Argo’s would score, my wife Renata would grab my inner thigh. Normally that’s not a problem and is usually a welcome form of intimacy I would expect from her, but she recently had her nails done and they are quite sharp.

Sometimes one of her fingers would slip closer down my inner thigh towards my groin area and my testicles. Occasionally her finger would gently pinch my right testicle and rub it gently. This would generate a slow and deep moaning sound from deep within my diaphragm. I would quickly look at Renata and she would smile and then proceed to put an ice cube on my right testical on top of my pants in my inner thigh region. I would continue to moan gently until the ice cube would completely melt.

Usually after the ice cube finishes melting, I would have a bit of a wet spot on my pants. Renata took care of this by gently dabbing and pressing a hot cloth on my right testicular area in my groin region.

I’ll probably stay here in my office for a few more hours and head out for my bus route journey. I’ll send another update shortly.

Stay tuned and stay strong folks, I’m not gone for good.



    1. Listen pal, your comments aren’t welcome here. Take you and your B/O smelling fixed gear bike riding hippie dred ugly face back to kensington market.

  1. Hey buddy,

    Sorry to hear the news. If you want to meet up for some eats at California Sandwiches just hit me up on my beeper.

    Your pal,


  2. I am doig some footwork in the mississauga strip mall area. If u want to sit and chat at a coffee time i am open to doing busiess with u. I really think we could put somethig together hear. Hover your cursor over the brackets (text is in white) to get my cell # [ ]

    1. Sounds like a great idea!

      Are you still doing work at Seneca in Mississauga? Lets meet across the street at the coffee time for a quick chat.

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