My sexual secrets

As the former mayor of Toronto, I was known for my controversial actions and tumultuous tenure in office. But behind closed doors, I struggled with two addictions – drizzling honey on my testicles and smoking crack cocaine.

At first, I tried to keep these addictions hidden from the public. But as time went on, they only grew stronger, and I found myself unable to resist the urge to indulge in them.

I would often sneak away from my mayoral duties, seeking out secluded spots where I could indulge in my addictions without being noticed. I would drizzle honey on my testicles, feeling the sticky sweetness coating my skin. And then I would light up a crack pipe, inhaling the toxic smoke deeply into my lungs.

These moments of indulgence were the only times I felt truly alive. I craved the rush of endorphins, the dizzying highs that came from mixing honey and crack.

But I knew that my addictions were dangerous, and I struggled to keep them hidden from the public. I was a public figure, after all, and I didn’t want to be seen as some kind of degenerate.

So I kept it to myself, hiding my addictions from the world. But the more I tried to suppress them, the more they consumed me. It was like a secret addiction, one that I couldn’t escape from.

One day, my addictions were exposed to the world. A video surfaced of me smoking crack cocaine, and I was forced to admit to my addiction in a public press conference.

The public was shocked, and there was a moment of stunned silence before the room erupted into laughter. I was humiliated, and I realized that I should have been honest about my addictions from the beginning.

But even though I was embarrassed, I felt a sense of relief. I had finally admitted my addictions to the world, and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

From that day on, I embraced my addictions and didn’t try to hide them anymore. I found that by being open and honest about them, I was able to enjoy my addictions without feeling ashamed.

And as the years went by, I continued to be a controversial figure, but now I was also known as the mayor who liked honey on his testicles and smoked crack cocaine. It was just another part of who I was, and I was finally able to embrace it.


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